• Milano site: The SAN is connected to
  • Roma site: The SAN is connected, in a total fault tolerant configuration.
  • Bari site: The SAN is connected to
  • Catania site: coming soon.

Current server configuration:

  • Three Dell PowerEdge 1950 with two quad Xeon CPUs 32GByte RAM, two 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet interfaces.
  • Two DELL PowerEdge R610 with LOT of RAM: varnish caches in front of most accesseed content.

The following images represents the aggregate bandwith (bits per sec)

Aggr. net i/o


GARR is funding a mirror archive. The overall capacity is now about 2 x 120 TB total (raw capacity excluding RAID), distributed in two locations of its network. The architecture includes two different SANs for the two sites hosting the mirror servers. In each site is installed, since December 2011, an HP P2000 SAS storage disk array.